Remote Mount Manifolds

PRECISION Remote Mount Manifolds are available in 2, 3 & 5 valve configurations offering flexibility in mounting transmitters, and manifolds, ‘remotely’ from the process lines. Standard configuration offers ½” Female NPT inlet(s) & outlet(s) and ¼” Female NPT vent port(s). Vent ports available without plug, with a blind plug (append -B to end of part no.), or bleed plugs (append -Q to end of part no.) All PRECISION Remote Mount Manifolds offer through holes for mounting to a bulkhead or can be used with PRECISION’S pipe mounts. For further information on mounting brackets and other accessories, request the Accessories and Mounting Brackets brochure from your dealer.

PRECISION manufactures valves with ratings of 6,000 & 10,000 PSIG with PTFE or Graphite packing. Below you will find the standard pressure - temperature curves for each pressure rating and packing material.


PRECISION valves with ‘standard’ lubrication will function to -40° F/-40° C, without problem. Below these limits it is suggested that the valves be ordered assembled with Arctic Lube. This lube maintains lubricity as low as -72° F/-58° C. To specify valves with Arctic Lube, append -A to end of part number.

R Style, NPT inlet/outlet

PRECISION Remote Mount Manifolds are designed, built & ...