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Flushing Ring Series

The PRECISION Flushing or Clean-Out Ring Series provide an economical, flexible, approach to
the need to flush or clean areas otherwise inaccessible.


Flushing rings for flange mounted or sandwich-type remote seals are purpose engineered to suite each application regardless of the system being a chemical seal or other type of application. Please contact us for your specific engineering needs.

Accessories - Brackets

PRECISION mounting brackets are produced with the design engineer in mind. Our brackets are robust yet simple in construction and mount the Gauge Valve or Manifold rather than the transmitter allowing for more flexible plant maintenance and accessibility to both the isolation device and the transmitter.


A few of the brackets available are shown below. For customized brackets please contact us. There are brackets available for our entire range of products.

PRECISION offers a number of accessories and pipe fittings. Please contact us for additional information.

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