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LX 200 DPG


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    DP Range: 0 to 5 up to 0-100 Psid
Gauge Specifications  
lx200dpg 3 Accuracy ±2% of the FSD (Ascending)
Migration Minor from high to low port
Range 0-5 Psid up to 0-1000 Psid or equivalent ranges in other units
First marking on the scale 20% of the FSD
lx200dpg 4 Sensing element Piston
Wetted parts Body material, 302 SS spring, ceramic magnet & seals
Case material Engineered polymer
Dial size 2.5"(square), 4.5" (round)
Mounting Direct, front flange, 2" pipe & surface mounting
Gauge+switch Maximum working pressure 200 bar for Aluminium & Brass, 400 bar for SS & Monel
lx200dpg 5 Maximum process temperature 200° F
Body material Aluminum, Brass, 316 SS & Monel
Seals Buna-N, Viton & EPDM 'O' rings
Window Plexiglass
Connection 1/4" NPT(F) Std. Optional 1/4" BSP(F)
Porting In-line, rear, bottom, in-line & bottom
lx200dpg 6 Protection for gauge & switch NEMA-4X/IP 65
Over range protection Up to the max. working pressure from high & low side
Options Switches (Adjustable in 30-100% of FSD)
Liquid filling Nema 4X Enclosure
MOUNTING BRACKETS Red follower pointer (except 6") 1 or 2 SPSTs with a terminal strip
Gauge Customer logo 1 or 2 SPSTs with a built in relay
lx200dpg 7 Dual scale 1 or 2 SPDTs with a terminal strip
Colored Arc Switch adjustment range 20-100% FSO
Filter mesh in High Pressure Port  
Reverse port (pointer moves from right to left)  
Descending calibration  

lx200dpg 9

lx200dpg 8

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