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Explosion Proof Gauge

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These quality explosion proof differential pressure gauges are used in environment containing hazardous vapors, gases, or particulates. Switches and electrical connections are mounted in special UL, CSA, FM, CENELEC approved enclosure. The cast Aluminum housing has a provision of two mounting slots, two 3/4" NPT electrical conduit ports.

The Enclosures meet the following specifications:Class I, Gr. B, C & D, Class II, Gr. E, F & G; and Class III. They also meet NEMA 3, 4X, 7, 9 & 12 specifications. The Gauges can be equipped with 1 or 2 SPST OR SPDT reed switches.


Hazardous locations in petrochemical industries, process industries, explosive conditions, and oilfield sectors.

  • Cost effective and reliable.
  • Simple and compact design.
  • Available in piston and diaphragm sensors.
  • Adjustable reed switching.
  • Gauge + switch or only switch models.
  • Manufactured in ISO 9002 certified plant.
Operating Principles

Variations in pressure between high and low ports is sensed by a piston or diaphragm sensor (1) which moves in proportion to the pressure difference. A primary magnet (2) is attached to the sensor and moves with it in the same proportion. A rotary magnet (3) with pointer is magnetically coupled with the primary magnet, and is situated in an isolated cavity.

Movement of rotary magnet with pointer indicates differential pressure on the dial. Process fluids are isolated from dial case and switch enclosure. An auxiliary magnet (4) situated in the tube extension also moves with the pressure sensors. Reed switches mounted on the extension tube are activated due to interaction between switch contacts and field of auxiliary magnet. Switches can be adjusted to open or close at preset points.

Technical Data

Explosion proof differential pressure gauges are same as our standard differential pressure gauges where high pressure side is modified with an extension tube and is housed in an explosion proof box in which switches are also located.

Model 200 DPG 200 DGR 300 DGC
Sensor Piston Rolling diaphragm Small convoluted diaphragm
Max. Operating pressure 3000 Psig/200 Bar 3000 Psig/200 Bar 1500 Psig/100 Bar
Max. Differential pressure 150 Psi/10 Bar 100 Psi/7Bar 60 Psi/4 Bar
How to Order

Select a model from individual data sheets and add EX at the beginning of the product code.

  • As per individual data sheets.
  • We do not recommend flange mounting as explosion box is heavy ( 1.40 kg / 3.10 Lbs. )
  • High and Low ports are on the right side only, however back connections can also be given.


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