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Bleeding Gauge Valve

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PRECISION'S line of Needle/Hand valves are ideal for isolation and instrument applications that require a bleed for trapped pressure. The P1/A offers isolation only. The P1/B, or Bleeding Gauge Valve, offers bleed of pressure to atmosphere. For offshore applications, PRECISION products feature all metal components of 316SS.


Simple isolation applications and isolate/bleed applications for instruments or offline situations. Note: The bleed plug bleeds to atmosphere at the valve, do not use with toxic or hazardous materials that might harm staff or environment..

Features & Benefits

Each valve is fully tested prior to shipment.

Each Precision valve is tested with nitrogen prior to shipment to maximum working pressure prior to shipment, twice, once after assembly, and again after the valve(s) have been fully opened and closed. All potential leak paths are tested, and each valve/manifold must be bubble tight to pass our stringent quality controls.

Non-Rotating ½ round tip ensures bubble tight shutoff

Tip is articulated at the seat, not the shaft/seal area, ensuring bubble tight shutoff for years of trouble free service. Articulating at the tip keeps the stem packing from being damaged by torque caused by misalignment of seat and tip.

Stem is back seated for safety.

Valve stem has a shoulder to prevent accidental removal of stem from valve/bonnet.

Solid, fully machined bonnet lock pin.

Bonnet lock pin is solid, fully machined with no sharp edges that could injure staff, prevents accidental removal of bonnet from body.

Dowel Pin to hold Handle in Place.

Handle is held in place by bull nosed dowel pin that protrudes into valve shaft to hold handle in place. Handles don't fall off in shipping or in high vibration service.

Full Traceability.

Every valve is permanently marked with a batch number that allows all element traceability.

Wide variety of Materials.

Available in a wide variety of materials of construction, including carbon steel (K), 316 Stainless Steel(H), 316L Stainless Steel to Nace (L). shafts, and other non wetted parts. Ideal for use in offshore or other corrosive environments!

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