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Air Headers/Distribution Manifolds

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PRECISION Airheaders are truly unique. Featuring massive bodies machined from solid bar stock, and all components threaded into the body. This valve exceeds any pressure vessel specification. Standard pressure rating is 6000 Psig, special order units are available to 10,000 Psig. Features include 1" FNPT inlet, flat back, mounting holes for ease of mounting on bulkheads, bleeding drain plug in bottom to bleed water build up Special materials are available upon request.

air header large

No Welds Yes
PTFE Seals Yes
NPT Threads Yes
Full Isolation Yes
4, 6 & 10 Way Yes
Color Coded Yes
Fully Certified Yes
Oxygen Service Yes
Non-rotating Tip Yes
Bubble Tight Seal Yes
Anti-blow-out Shaft Yes
Drain Plug Included Yes
No X-Rays Required Yes
Bubble Tight Back-seal Yes
1½ Times Safety Margin Yes
Self Adjusting Shaft Seal Yes
6,000 & 10,000 PSI Valves Yes
Die Pen Test Not Required  Yes


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