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Low DP Indicator

Model 200 Large Convoluted diaphragm series instruments for very low differential pressure applications. Ranges as low as 0-0.5 inches H2O and working pressures as high as 150 Psig. Designed for use in draft range and other applications requiring precise measurement of low Delta-P. Also available with switch contacts for remote applications.


Pulsation Dampener

Model UPD is our 'Universal Pulsation Dampener' provides protection against pulsation, surges or hammer shocks from process fluctuations. Available in Brass and 316SS and connection sizes of 1/4", 3/8" and ½" and pressure ranges up to 10,000 Psig. User 'tunable' to adjust harmonics from fluid systems.


Follower Pointer

All PRECISION Instruments are available with 'follower pointers', also known as 'lazy hands' and 'maximum indicating hands'. These are especially useful in unmanned stations where filter 'unloading' may be suspected. The Follower Pointer indicates the highest point on the range reached prior to reset. An excellent feature when personnel are not available to monitor the instruments at all times or where switches are not practical. Multicolor arcs are also available to provide instant visual cues to system condition.


Pipe Mounts

All of our instruments are available with our optional 2" SS Universal Pipemount. Specify when ordering:

  • Piston MK2-200DPGSS
  • Diaphragm MK2-300DGCSS
  • Hazardous Location MK2-EXSS



P1/A Isolate only, one for each port to allow user to isolate instrument from process for repair, replacement and removal.






P3/R features high and low isolation valves and an equalize valve. When employed with the -Q option which allows relief of trapped pressure between isolation valves and instrument. ½"FNPT inlet and outlet.




P5/R features high and low isolation valves and, an equalize valve. Additionally, the P5/R features vent valves for both high and low sides of manifold, allowing trapped process pressure to be safely vented to a flare or recovery system. Allows in-situ calibration employing then vent ports. ½"FNPT inlet and outlet.



Every PRECISION Instrument should be installed in accordance with plant specifications, good instrument practice and safety procedures. PRECISION is proud to offer our line of instrument manifolds that when properly installed allow the end-user to:

  • Properly isolate the instrument from process
  • Properly commission the instrument on start-up
  • In-situ calibration and test of the instrument (with appropriate test apparatus).

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