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600 MAG

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Technical Data
Accuracy: ±3% of the FSD (Ascending)
Migration: No migration : Zero leakage from high to low port
Range: 0-25 to 0-1250 mm of water
First Marking on The Scale: 15% of the FSD
Sensing Element: Diaphragm
Wetted Parts: Diaphragm, body material, SS 302 Spring & Ceramic Magnet
Case Material: Stainless Steel (SS 304)
Dial Size in Inch (mm): 112mm (Std.) 4" &, on request 4.5" (115) & 6.0 (150) Front Flange
Mounting: Flush (Std.), surface & 2" pipe mounting on request
Maximum Working Pressure: 2.4 bar / 35 psi
Maximum Process Temperature: 60ºC/130ºF
Body Material: Engineering polymer
Seals: Buna-N, diaphragm & 'O' rings
Window: Float glass (Std.), toughened glass & acrylic on request.
Connection: 1/8" NPT(F) Std
Porting: In-line or back (user to select)
Over Range Protection: Up to the max. working pressure from high side
Protection For Gauge & Switch: IP65/NEMA-4

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