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200 DGR

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Product Overview

200dgrThese quality differential pressure gauges designed to measure the difference in pressure between two points in a system and show it on a single dial gauge. A magnetic movement senses the differential pressure. The gauge has separate pressure and indicating chambers. These diaphragm instruments can indicate small values of differential pressure even when used at high line pressures. Precision's differential pressure instruments provide instantaneous and continuous information regarding system conditions helping in eliminating premature servicing of equipment, avoid unscheduled down time of costly processes and detect abnormal system conditions.

Switching Facility

Gauges can be supplied with reed switches to initiate alarms, activate other equipment, or shut the system down. Two switches are used when high and low limits are desired. Gauge-switch models provide the user with both gauge readout and switch operation.


Monitor filter conditions, set filter by-pass, or initiate filter cleaning cycle. Determine obstructions in process lines. Check condition of pumps, heat exchangers, and other processing equipment. Adjust flow rates in piping systems. Monitor liquid levels in storage tanks.

  • Cost effective and reliable.
  • Uses diaphragm sensor.
  • Easy to read dial gauge eliminates the accumulated errors of two gauge installations.
  • High operating pressure up to 3000 Psig.
  • Differential pressure range up to 100 Psid.
  • Indicating mechanism isolated from pressure chamber.
  • Wide applications in air, gas and liquid media.
  • Reed contact switches optional.
  • Zero migration between high and low pressures.
  • Non-Indicating switch also available.
  • Manufactured in ISO 9002 certified plant.

Operating Principles

High and Low pressures are separated by a sensor assembly consisting of a magnet, diaphragm, and a range spring. The difference in pressure causes the sensor assembly to move in proportion to the change against a range spring. A rotary magnet, located in a separate body cavity and isolated from the acting pressures, is rotated by magnetic coupling as per the linear movement of the sensor assembly. A pointer attached to the rotary magnet indicates differential pressure on the dial. Avoid reverse pressure or ranging of instrument, this can damage instrument.

Switch: Reed switches are located adjacent to the pressure chamber and are activated by the magnetic field of the sensor assembly.

Technical Data
Ranges: 0-5 to 0-100 Psid
Units of calibration: Kg/cm2, bar, mbar, kPa, psi, bar
Operating principle: Magnetic coupling with a rolling diaphragm sensor.
Working pressure: 3000 psi
Accuracy: ± 2 % of FSD (Ascending)
Dial sizes: 2.5"(63mm), 3.5"(89mm), 4''(100mm), 4.5"(115mm) & 6''(150mm).
Body Material: Aluminum, Brass & SS-316.
Temperature: 80°C Max. for the media.
Protection: IP 65 for gauge
Migration of media: Zero migration between high and low pressures.
Wetted parts: Diaphragm, ceramic magnet, SS 304 spring. Other internal parts in Aluminum, or SS-316 as per the body.
Seals: Buna N (Standard). Viton
Connections: 1/4" NPT Female, 1/2" NPT Female Connections on request.
Porting: In line (standard).Back & bottom on request.
Switch: SPST or SPDT, one or two. Switches are field adjustableThe set points can be increased or decreased externally with a simple screwdriver adjustments. When two switches are used, either switch can be adjusted Independently.
Dial case: Stainless steel case and flange.
Window: Glass (Standard ), Acrylic, Shatterproof glass on request.
Other options: Glycerine filling, Red resettable follower pointer, dual scale, DIN Plug, strainer in (+) connection.

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